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Partner Farms


Chaseholm Farm is a family dairy in Pine Plains, NY.  It’s current generational incarnation is a collaborative sibling effort, Sarah milks the cows and manages their pastures while Rory turns their milk into cheeses.  The cows are rotationally grazed from May-November and are fed dry hay and alfalfa/grass baleage during the winter months.  There are about 30 cows in milk and they are a colorful crew of Jersey’s, Holsteins and Brown Swiss.  We believe in the benefits of grass based dairy products and milk in its raw state so we make high quality clean milk and keep a somatic cell count below 200,000 (usually more like 100,000) that gets tested three times per month.  Our Jersey cows provide added butterfat and protein so you should taste the sweet and creamy difference when you drink our milk and eat our cheeses.   Cheeses are made all year round and we offer both raw and pasteurized styles, all rooted in French tradition.  Rory and Sarah get excited about the idea of imparting high quality nutrition and flavors that are particular to the land that they grew up on.


At Gansvoort Farm, Jennifer takes pasture management seriously, given the important role healthy soils play in overall flock health. She uses intensive rotational grazing for her flock of 55 Icelandic cross-ewes and their lambs so they are always on fresh, clean paddocks, with access to shade and fresh water.  Although not organically certed, her flock is 100% grassfed, eating the diet that nature designed them for, and producing a tender, mild, high CLA and omega-3 lamb product.