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About the Share




CSA= Community Supported Agriculture!

CSA is a business model based in mutual respect between food producers and consumers who make choices in response to one another’s needs. We are a group of producers working to bring you something you need: nutritious food all winter.  CSA members are a group of customers working to bring us something we need: a secure winter income for the work that we do. By joining the Sparrowbush Farm Winter CSA you are voting for sustainable agriculture in Columbia County and sustainable livelihoods in farming for this group of growers and producers. 

Our Winter CSA program:

Our Winter CSA is modeled on an ideal of a local winter diet; staples that are sound through the winter, exciting fresh greens and herbs from our unheated hoophouses, dairy, lamb, and beef raised on grass, eggs, chicken and pork raised on pasture and local grain, and tasty delicious bread! The deepening of winter limits the vegetable scope to most hardy and best storage varieties so you should expect the largest diversity of vegetables in November and December and the least diversity of vegetables in March and April. The dairy, egg, meat and pantry portions of the share will remain more consistent throughout the season.

The CSA runs from November through April. Pickups are alternating Wednesdays from 4-7pm at the farm - there are 12 pickups in total.  The cost of the share is $1,250.  We only offer the full share, no halves or partial shares.  We offer a limited number of sliding scale shares, email us at for more info.

All shares are picked up at the farm in the barn. We don't pack boxes - members collect their share from tables buffet-style. CSA pickups often become a social meeting place during the short winter days, giving farmers and members a chance to get to know one another.




6-10 items, fresh greens every pickup

Grown by Sparrowbush Farm using organic practices. Stored and seasonal for winter and spring. Each pickup will include 8-15 pounds. For the winter farm share we grow:

ROOTS: beet, carrot, potato, sweet potato, winter radish, turnip, rutabaga, celeriac, kohlrabi, parsnip.

FRESH GREENS: arugula, spinach, salad mix, kale, swiss chard, collard greens,  lettuce, pea shoots, radicchio, endive, cabbage, collard greens. Stored or grown in our unheated hoophouses. 

SEASONAL ITEMS: winter squash, pumpkins, radishes, brussel sprouts, bunched radishes & salad turnips.

HERBS AND ALLIA: onion, shallot, garlic, leek, scallion, fresh and dried herbs & dried hot peppers



2 doz per pickup

                   From Hearty Roots Farm


From Chaseholm Farm and Creamery. Chaseholm Farm’s dairy herd is 100% grassfed.

At each pickup you will receive 1 quart of Yoghurt and at every other pickup you will receive cheese!



PORK from Chaseholm Farm, raised on organic grain and dairy products from the farm

LAMB from Gansvoort Farm, 100% grassfed.

BEEF from Chaseholm Farm, 100% grassfed.

CHICKEN from Yundwell Pastured Poultry for winter stocks and stews.

Meat is free choice.  You'll be designated an amount of 'Meat Points'  at the beginning of the share to use at your discretion throughout the winter. We will not have all cuts available at every pickup, but do our best to offer a variety of choices each pickup.  

We are slaughtering and butchering whole animals from all our meat producers for the CSA, which makes for a nice variety, but also means there can be limits on certain cuts (like bacon...)  Though we do our best to offer a variety of cuts each pickup, we will not have all cuts available at every pickup, so please be prepared to try new or different things.  


One Loaf per pickup from Sparrowbush Bakery!


WHERE: Pickup is at the farm in Livingston.  We are pinned on Googlemaps, which is the best way to find us.

WHEN: The share runs from November through April.  Pick ups are on alternating Wednesdays between 4 and 7 pm, with a 3 week break for the holidays. The dates for this season are: TBD

At the first pickup you’ll get a calendar with the pickup dates highlighted to help remember.  We also send out email reminders the day before each pickup.

If you cannot make every pickup date, feel free to send a friend in your place. You're also welcome to split your share with a friend, alternating dates or even months.


The winter farmshare costs $1,250 for 12 pickups over 6 months. 


You must select and stick to one of the following payment plans. 


Pay full $1250 upfront when you sign up for your share.


Five installments of $250.  The first installment acts as your deposit, holding your share when you signup.  Four more payments of $250 are due at the first pickups in December, January, February, and March.




Unfortunately we cannot offer customized shares (i.e. signing up for a vegetable and meat share). If dietary restrictions are a concern, we recommend that you find a friend or neighbor who wants to take the portions of your share that you won't eat.

FAQ: How many people Does one csa share feed?

Of course this depends on how you use your share - do you try to eat almost exclusively from the share, or do you use it as a supplement to regular grocery trips? Taking that into account, our members report that the share feeds between 2 and 5 people. 

FAQ: Can I share my share with a friend?

Yes, definitely! As long as you make all arrangements for how you will split up your full share, you are welcome to share it with someone else.  We do not offer half shares.