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2409 Rte 9
Hudson, NY, 12534
United States

The Farm

We raise animals, vegetables, and grains in Hudson, NY with a focus on fall and winter availability.  We are fortunate to be surrounded by farming neighbors and continue a tradition of agricultural production in Columbia County. We raise high-quality, nutritious food using practices that do not deplete the soil or pollute the water so that farmers can continue to grow here for generations to come.


On pasture we raise hogs, laying hens and sheep. They eat, grass, forage crops, vegetable scraps and organically-grown, local grains.








We grow 25 vegetable varieties for our winter farmshare and little bits of delicious things for summer markets too. We work to build healthy soil that can grow healthy crops. We rely on crop rotation, cover cropping, green manures and soil amendments to correct deficiencies and build long-term fertility. We don’t use any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.







We grow rye, wheat, flint and flour corn, and popcorn, which we sell fresh-milled for farmers' market and to the Camphill Copake bakery.